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We are specialists in digital textile printing and dye sublimation process, offering different alternatives such as:


Flag Material: This is a 3.4 oz. knitted 100% polyester material. It is transparent and ideal for single sided graphics and it has a good through of 75% of the front graphics showing through the back that allows excellent color brightness. The quality of our materials allows them to be used indoors and outdoors. We can print up to 16 ft seamless.


 Poplin Fabric Printing: This option comes from 5.9 oz. to 9.6 oz. knitted 100% polyester material printed on poplin polyester fabric up to 16 ft long without any stitching and any length, with excellent quality and color results. This type of printing is ideal for weathering, anti-glare and greater durability.


Blockout Fabric Printing: This type of fabric blocks the light from the back of the fabric, highlighting the visual content that is captured on the banner.


Dye-Sub Stretch Fabric Printing: This innovative printing technique is a customer’s favorite when searching for a different look and feel for their promotional signage. Printed on basically any polyester textile that makes it easy to stand out, you will see your artwork pop off the fabric, and be struck by the high quality, full color result.

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